A Blade of Grass

Municipal—Artist Partnerships is a forthcoming website made with A Blade of Grass. It is a toolkit and guide for both municipalities and artists, to help them successfully collaborate. It synthesizes best practices, features the voices of partners, and offers case studies, tools, and resources from a number of remarkable partnerships across the US. These partnerships are happening across the United States, and are becoming an important way for both local governments and artists to think outside the box and have a direct impact on communities.

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal: A Public Assembly focused on modeling democratic debates that seriously consider the ambitions and challenges of the GND by thinking systemically and across scales.

Organized by the Queens Museum, the American Institute of Architects New York (AIA New York), The Architecture Lobby, Francisco J. Casablanca (¿Quién Nos Representa?), Gabriel Hernández Solano (GND Organizer), the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at Columbia University, and with support from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

We designed the overall identity, collateral, graphics, maps, visuals, as well as the concept and fabrication for the displays during the event.


More images and a detailed recap to come!

Rube Goldberg Machine

We brought to life an actual Rube Goldberg machine for his touring retrospective exhibit, on view at The Queens Museum. “A Machine for Introducing an Exhibition” was created in collaboration with Stephan von Muehlen and Ben Cohen, and commissioned by exhibition curators Larissa Harris, Hitomi Iwasaki, and Sophia Marisa Lucas.

Inside the Matrix

Inside the Matrix: The Radical Designs of Ken Isaacs surveys the highly individual practice of American architect and designer Ken Isaacs, whose populist, DIY designs created from the 1950s to the 1970s challenged conventional architectural concepts in housing, as well as mainstream definitions of modernism. Written by Susan Snodgrass and published by Half Letter Press, with partial funding by the Graham Foundation. Available for purchase here.

Buell Center

We are currently engaged in multiple projects with the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at Columbia University, including the design and development of their new website.


Building for Us

“Building for Us” tells the story of the rise of cooperative housing in NYC through the incredible archives of UHAB at Interference Archive. We designed the identity and graphics for the exhibition.

More to come!