VHS Archives

We are working with The Center for Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY to create an online collection of videos for the VHS Archive Working Group. Right now the prototype, built on top of Internet Archive, features videos selected and discussed by the group about queer (of color) feminist bodies, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS.

AIANY 2018

We worked with AIANY to create an identity system for their annual Honors and Awards Luncheon. The Luncheon celebrates design excellence in the field of architecture and serves as an important fundraiser for the AIA New York Chapter.

Center for the Humanities

We worked with Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY to design these posters for their Racial Inequality Conference.This 2-day interdisciplinary conference recognizes the urgent need to look at the enduring problem of racial inequality from distinctive perspectives: philosophy, political theory, ethnic studies, critical psychology, urban studies, gender theory, and anthropology.

Fast Food Justice

Fast Food Justice is a non-profit organization advocating the fight for $15 movement among other equality issues. We worked on an initial identity system for the new organization and designed and developed their website.

We continue to collaborate with the organization closely on various projects, and are in the process of redesigning a larger, more robust website and evolving the identity system.

Institute for Ocean Arts and Sciences

Between Species/Between Spaces is the first curatorial project of the the Institute for Ocean Arts and Sciences (IOAS), a platform for curatorial exploration, artistic research, and participatory adventures around waterways and coastlines. We designed this broadsheet for the research done at the Cape Code Modern House Trust artist residency in Wellfleet, MA on the theme of Art + Science.

Alliance for Youth Action

We designed and developed the website for Alliance of Youth Action that directs users to primary calls to action, like voting and donating. Alliance for Youth Action is a nationwide network organized by young leaders that are building the political power of youth voters.

Ask Holly How

We created the brand identity and visual language, as well as designed and developed the website, for the business consultancy Ask Holly How.

CFH Annual Report

For the CUNY Center for the Humanities, we designed this publication for their reflections and programs from the 2016-2017 academic year. The annual report includes descriptions of their public humanities activities, interdisciplinary working groups, and public events. The Center for the Humanities is a hub of inquiry and action that inspires and supports diverse intellectual, creative, and activist communities in NYC.

CUP Rezoning

We collaborated with the Center for Urban Pedagogy on this poster pamphlet “What’s Going In On the Neighborhood?” The publication explains what communities should be aware of when city government approves rezoning. It details how new developments will impact neighborhoods, and how residents can advocate for improvements that address their community’s concerns.