We Won’t Move

We Won’t Move is an exhibition at Interference Archive that showcases collective action by tenants for decent and affordable housing from the 1940s to the present. It traces the rich history of tenant struggle in New York City, from neighborhood resistance against urban renewal to rent strikes and repeated campaigns for renewing and strengthening the rent laws. A portion of the exhibit examines current campaigns against tenant harassment, predatory equity, luxury housing, the cluster site shelter program, and gentrification-driven policing.

We designed an exhibition identity centering on an image representing continued resistance. It can and should be freely used and reproduced by present-day campaigns. We also designed and produced a 74-page exhibition catalogue that compiles the historical narrative while also providing a directory, glossary and resources for tenant organizers today. In collaboration with: Maggie Schreiner, Ash Bayer, Bonnie Gordon, Lani Hanna, Jen Hoyer, Karen Hwang

We Won't Move! Exhibition Catalogue