Living Los Sures


We worked with UnionDocs, a Center for Documentary Art in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn on an expansive documentary film project. Using Los Sures – a brilliant work of cinema verité directed by Diego Echeverria in 1984 –  as a starting point, Living Los Sures is the culmination of investigations of more than thirty artists over the course of four years. It tells the story of a longstanding Latino community fighting displacement and surviving the growth machine. UnionDocs collaborated with The New York Public Library to restore the original 1984 film which now serves as a foundation for remixing local histories, reinvestigating the Southside today, and hopefully reunite a neighborhood around a sustainable future.

in collaboration with
  • Christopher Allen,
  • Alison Kobayashi,
  • Lucila Moctezuma,
  • Shannon Carroll,
  • Danny Bowman
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