Partner & Partners, LLC was founded in 2013 and prioritizes projects and groups that promote social, economic, and environmental justice, with actionable visions for a just future.

Current Team
Greg Mihalko, Erik Riley, Zach Mihalko, Devika Sen, Lulu Johnson, Logan Heffernan

Past and Present Collaborators
Maddy Angstreich, Chase Booker, Emily Bluedorn, Maddy Bruster, Ben Cohen, Jansen Cumbie, Mike Tully, Taylor Engel, Laura Foxgrover, Dylan Gauthier, Kathy Geisel, Tiya Gordon, Stuart Heys, Isabel Imbriano, Marta Klopf, Aellon Krider, Stephan von Muehlen, Kathleen Ma, Ethel Moore, Gerardo Madera, Josh MacPhee, Sejin Park, Keith Poplawski, Anna Simões, Maggie Schreiner, Kathleen Scudder (former partner), Stephen Winsor

We are always looking for interested collaborators – particularly UX designers, front-end developers, and project managers – send us a note if you are interested.

If “Labor Is Entitled to All It Creates,” Where Does That Leave Graphic Design?
AIGA Eye on Design, 2021

In a Changing World, Design Studios Find Stability and Social Equity in the Co-op Model
AIGA Eye on Design, 2021

Co-Op Collectibles
Urban Omnibus, 2020

What Design Can Do: Spark Social Change
Adobe 99U, 2017