The Laundromat Project

Partner & Partners worked with The Laundromat Project on a new website and refreshed identity materials. With a long-term storefront home secured and in-person programming resuming, the new LP website provides tooling for the organization to showcase and connect between their abundance of programming, collaborations, and projects.

Founded by Risë Wilson in 1999, The Laundromat Project is an arts-focused non-profit building community through fellowships, funding, and programming. Through a collaborative discovery and design process, we created a new digital home that draws connections across the organization’s active output and archives alike.

Our process began with a set of stakeholder interviews. We spoke with artists about their practices and how The Laundromat Project could best serve and showcase their work; staff and board members helped us better understand the successes and shortcomings of their existing website; and neighbors gave us an idea of how the LP extends into and operates within their community.

These conversations allowed us to focus on designing for utility beyond aesthetics. We were able to respond directly to some comments — i.e. incorporating filterable artist and project directories — and more broadly to others (creating a clearer link between various artists, projects, and programs).

The LP website features a set of bespoke accessibility tools — these custom-built controls allow users to view the site in an alternate ‘dark mode’, adjust text sizing and spacing, and highlight hyperlinks.

Projects, programs, and people are all organized in relation to each other. Projects can be filtered by program, and every project provides a direct path to the people involved and the place(s) the work took place.